FunShine Express Early Learning – Curriculum for Toddlers


Toddlers are developing many new skills in their quest for independence – walking, talking, and discovering who they are and what they can do. Every child is a unique learner; a child’s success in school depends on how empowered they are to learn. Planning experiences that are challenging yet achievable and match children’s interests creates a feeling of success within a child. Encourage their sense of discovery with Curriculum for Toddlers while building vocabulary, encouraging imagination, and personalizing learning.




Our curriculum is based on methods from The A Beka Book. The A Beka Book approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. Their material reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality. A Beka Book materials have been developed as a result of 50 years of actual classroom experience in Pensacola Christian Academy, one of America’s largest and most respected Christian day schools.


The A Beka Book researchers and writers do not paraphrase progressive education textbooks and add Biblical principles; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from God’s point of view. Of course, the most original source is always the Word of God, the only foundation for true scholarship in any area of human endeavor. Thus A Beka Book publications are built upon the firm foundation of Scriptural truth and are written by dedicated and talented Christian scholars who are well grounded in the practical aspects of classroom teaching. For excellence for your Christian school, you can trust A Beka Book.


Dr. Arlin Horton, president and founder of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Christian Academy, and A Beka Book, has been an outstanding leader in the Christian school movement since 1954. Thousands of Christian school administrators across America have been inspired and helped by his willingness to share his practical wisdom and by his commitment to making the Bible the foundation, guide, and measuring stick for every area of life and service. In the A Beka Book ministry, President Horton’s ultimate goal is not sales but rather training young lives for eternity. His quiet leadership and his desire to be of help to others have combined to make A Beka Book America’s leading producer of textbooks for Christian schools.


Mrs. Arlin (Beka) Horton, senior vice president, has played the leading role in the development of the academic program available from A Beka Book. Through the years, she has faithfully invested her multiple talents to give balance and excellence to all areas of the Christian school curriculum. Beka Horton sets the overall direction and editorial policy for the textbooks and curriculums and personally edits many of the materials published by A Beka Book. Her many years as an outstanding Bible teacher are reflected in the Bible program, and her understanding of the Scriptures, coupled with her keen reasoning abilities, have helped the authors in each subject area to reach our goal of building the content of every textbook on the foundation of God’s Word.